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Chocolata Chikita
(Small Piece of Chocolate)


This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the song "Chocolata Chikita", which was recorded by Samer Gabro (sometimes spelled Samir Kabro) on his album La La. Also included is a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like.

Gabro is an independent artist, recording and distributing his music on his own without the support of a record label. He is mostly known in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.




Arabic Lyrics

English Translation

min awel nazra be3iona, 7abaita w kelon lamoha At first sight, I loved her, and they all blamed her,
wa sa'altha eza bet7ebeiny and I asked her if she loved me.
dahakat wa 7abait jenoona She laughed, and I liked her craziness.
le bnaie chocolata chikita The girl is like a small piece of chocolate.
masriya chocolata chikita An Egyptian small piece of chocolate,
lebnaniya chocolata chikita a Lebanese small piece of chocolate,
sowriya chocolata chikita a Syrian small piece of chocolate

Greek Section

Greek Section

me zalizi ee omorfia sou
Your beauty makes me dizzy,
to kafto to forema sou
your hot dress. (1)
ke sto bar otan horevis
And when you dance on the bar,(2)
matia moy glyka, me trelaineis
my sweet eyes!, you drive me crazy!

Arabic Section

Arabic Section

Omaniya chocolata chikita An Omani small piece of chocolate,
Sudaniya chocolata chikita a Sudanese small piece of chocolate,
Moritaniya chocolata chikita a Mauritanian small piece of chocolate,
Yananiya chocolata chikita a Yemeni small piece of chocolate.
mn 2alba 7ob w 7eneie, 7ala kel shi etmarmar feie In her heart, there's love and tenderness, it changed everything bitter inside me; made it sweet.
yarab ej3alha naseiby w matayerha mn eidaie God, please let her be my destiny! And don't let her fly out of my hands!
Ordoniya chocolata chikita A Jordanian small piece of chocolate,
falasteiniya chocolata chikita a Palestinian small piece of chocolate,
3eraqiya chocolata chikita an Iraqi small piece of chocolate,
so3odiya chocolata chikita a Saudi small piece of chocolate,
tunesiya chocolata chikita a Tunisian small piece of chocolate,
ma3'rebiya chocolata chikita a Moroccan small piece of chocolate,
leibiya chocolata chikita a Libyan small piece of chocolate,
jaza2eriya chocolata chikita an Algerian small piece of chocolate,
imaratiya chocolata chikita an Emirati small piece of chocolate,
kwetiya chocolata chikita a Kuwaiti small piece of chocolate,
qatariya chocolata chikita a Qatari small piece of chocolate,
bahraneie chocolata chikita a Bahraini small piece of chocolate.
  1. The word "kafto" can also mean short.
  2. Greeks always dance on bars, tables, and chairs!



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