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Erev Ba
(Evening Comes)


This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the popular Israeli folk song "Erev Ba", which is widely used for folk dancing. Also included is a transliteration of the Hebrew lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like.

The original artist was Rivka Sturman. The folk dance that many folk dance clubs in the United States do to this song was choreographed in 1960 by Yoev Ashriel. There is a different folk dance to the same song that was choreographed by Rivka Sturman, but it is not as well known in the U.S.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

Lyrics: Oded Avishar
Music: Aryeh Levanon



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Performed on harp by Rachel Van Voorhees




Hebrew Lyrics

English Translation

Shuv ha'eder noher, bimvo'ot hak' far Again the flocks wander down the village street
V'oleh ha'avak, mishvilei afar And the dust rises from sandy paths
Veharcheck od tsemed inbalim And far away the bells
M'lave et meshech hatslalim Merge with the gathering shadows
Erev ba, erev ba. Evening falls, evening falls.
Shuv haru' ach lochesh, bein gidrot ganim Again the wind whispers through the garden fences
Uv' tzameret habrosh, kvar namot yonim And the doves coo from the top of the cypress
V'harchek al ketef hagva' ot And in the distance the last rays of the sun
Od noshkot, karnayim achronot Caress the hillsides
Erev ba, erev ba. Evening falls, evening falls.
Shuv havered cholem, chalomot balat Again the rose dreams, langorous dreams
Uforchim cochavim, bamarom at at And gradually, up high, the stars begin to twinkle
Veharcheck ba'emek ha'afel And afar in the dark valley
Melave hatan, et bo halel The jackal accompanies the approach of night
Layil rad, layil rad. Night falls, night falls.



Where to Get Recordings of this Song

Jewish Favorites CD Cover


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Artist: Rachel Van Voorhees
CD Title: Jewish Favorites


CD Cover Time Tunnel


Artist: Kabalas
CD Title: Time Tunnel

CD Cover of Israeli Party  

Artist: Tel Aviv Singers
CD Title: Israeli Party



About the Translator

Many thanks to Shoshana for providing this translation for this web site!!



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