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(I Tell Him)


This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics to the Arabic song "Oolo", which was sung by Ahmed Abd el Mounim. Also included is a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like.




Arabic Lyrics

English Translation

Ana oolo taayla y ooli ana la I tell him to come he says to me no
Mahu aywa ya la la it is yes or no no
Ya ah ya la or yes or no
Ana oolo tayala we dayib ahhhh I tell him to come I melt ahhhh
Shayfak yaili enta aleeek el aiyn You see it, you who are on the eyes
Shoo' leylak taal Longing of your nights becomes long
Ana a'oola ma albi y diloo Why should I tell him my heart guides him
3n leyli we weily we kullu About my night and his pain and all
ana ooly ma shoi wasilu Why should I tell him 'cause my longing reach him
we ili hasilli ya helw hassillu And what happens to me Ya Helw happens to him



Taab a'arab (la la la ) Okay I come closer (no no no)
Wala ahrab (la la la ) Or escape (no no no)
Farrahny (la la la ) Make me happy (no no no)
Rayahny (la la la ) Make me rest/comfortable (no no no)
Ana oolo taayla y ooli ana la I tell him to come he says to me no
Albi 3leek (Ya Illi) My heart is on you (You Who)
Il 3yn 3leek My eyes are on you
Haram 3leek Shame on you
Hes b'nari Feel my fire
Hawak hawayya (ooli) You love is my love (tell me)
Low gayy ma3ya If you are coming with me
Waslak n'daya My calling has reached you
Wala entash dairy ooli Or you have not noticed, tell me

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

We ba3dayn m3ak (wala) Whats wrong with you (or)
Aroh warrak I go after you
Aby3 hawak I sell you love
Atolwil baly Wait
Ehna illi leek (ehna) We are for you (we)
Ashin 3ineek We adore your eyes
We rohna feek Our soul is in you
Errhum Ya ghali errhum Have mercy Ya Ghali have mercy



About the Translator

I would like to thank Zurina Ali from Australia for sharing this translation with my web site and me. She was in Egypt studying Arabic in 2005, and did this translation while there.

Zurina is the Principal/Director of The Belly Dance School in Newcastle, Australia. Zurina has been performing for 6 years and teaching for 5 years. In 2005 Zurina was living in Egypt while performing and studying dance with Randa Kaamel, Mirvat Monguie and other great performers and teachers. Also while in Cairo Zurina commenced her Egyptian Arabic language studies, which she continues with her Egyptian friends in Newcastle.

Zurina may be contacted at:

The Belly Dance School
P.O. Box 474, Jesmond, NSW, 2299, Australia
Telephone: (+61) 2 4950 1118
Mobile: (+61) (0)412 723 735
Web Site:

Zurina Ali



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