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Belly Dance and Back Health


Workshop Summary

Learn to structure at-home practice, troupe rehearsals, and classes in a way that is safe and healthy for the back.



Detailed Description

"Less than 5% of back pain is caused by anatomical problems that require surgery." (Richard A. Deyo, M.D., 1992)"

For some people who suffered from years of back pain, belly dancing has brought about healing and relief. For other people, who may have previously been pain-free, belly dancing has caused back pain.

Why does belly dance bring relief to some people and cause pain for others? This workshop will provide valuable insights designed to help:

  • Students who experienced chronic back pain even before learning to belly dance.
  • Students who had healthy backs before belly dance but found that dancing caused back pain.
  • Teachers who want to offer back-safe classroom instruction.

Belly dancing has the power to correct certain muscle problems that can lead to back pain, but only if done with appropriate practice/classroom structure, posture, and dance technique. This class will cover:

  • What belly dancers should know about scoliosis.
  • Common causes of back pain and how belly dance can relieve them.
  • Common errors in belly dance posture, costuming, and technique that can cause back pain problems.
  • How to structure a dance class or an at-home practice session to nurture the back, including a special "back care cooldown".

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