Opinion Poll:
Will You Repurchase Videos on DVD?

Many producers of long-time popular belly dance VHS tapes are now re-releasing their videos on DVD. Would you be willing to spend money to replace your old VHS tape with a new DVD? What would it take to tempt you to do so?

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1) If you had an excellent dance video on VHS tape, what would it take to make you repurchase it on DVD?
I would repurchase on DVD only if it included extra bonus footage that wasn't on the tape.
I'd buy it without extra bonus footage, but it would need to have lots of chapter breaks and a scene selection menu.
I'd buy it even without extras or extensive chaptering because I'm replacing all my favorite VHS tapes with DVD.
I probably wouldn't buy the DVD even with extras - I prefer to save my money for things I haven't seen yet.
I'm not interested in DVD's, I still prefer VHS tapes.
None of the above.

Poll reflects votes since August 9, 2005.

Thanks for submitting your own vote! Please come back and check periodically to see what the consensus is from everyone!

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