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Carissa, The Dancing Camel Sometimes we get carried away taking ourselves too seriously as belly dancers. Here are some frivolous activities to indulge in when you find yourself getting too stressed out! Wipe that disapproving frown off your face! Put aside that bra that you're beading or that belt you have to repair, and take a few minutes to have some fun! We all need to smile now and then! Kamella, The Dancing Camel

Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

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Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

Cartoons & Other Visual Delights

Maleea, The Dancing Mouse

  • Dancer Dolls. Athena's fashion dolls aren't ordinary clothes horses dedicated to showing off prom dresses and high fashion.
  • Wee Wee Monsieur. Review of a video in which the Three Stooges dress up as harem girls and dance.

Dancer Doll Thumbnail

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Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

Silly Songs & Poems

MusicMood MusicMusic

Here are some fun and frolicky audio clips to enjoy while you explore the rest of this menu.

MusicStreets Of Cairo. Small MIDI file that takes only a few seconds to download, and most computers already come with the software needed to play this. This version arranged and played by Scott M. Smith. MusicDance Of The Snake Charmer. You need the RealAudio plug-in for your browser to play this one. Takes about a minute and a half to download at 28.8 kbps.

  • Iqa Tishrub. Enjoy this new playful twist on an Egyptian drum rhythm!
  • Pervy Men Are Everywhere! Zumarrad's poem expresses solidarity with every belly dancer who has received unsavory inquiries from men about her services.
  • MusicBassboussamatic. Here's a unique RealAudio sound clip for you to listen to. It won "Best Joke" at Oasis Dance Camp for its creator, and she wasn't even there to claim her award in person!
  • We Are The Bedouin Bumpers! Here's a song for you and your belly dancing friends to warble the next time you need to liven up a hafla.
  • Sally, Sally. "Worse Verse" about a belly dancing snail. Huh? A snail? "Her costume problems grew and grew! Oh, what's a dancing snail to do?"
  • Nance And Her Dance. A limerick about a belly dancing camel? No! Say it isn't so! Maybe I should re-do her costuming and give her a hip belt made of camel tassels???
  • MusicKamella, Kamella. Another silly little poem about another belly dancing camel! "Kamella, Kamella, the camel so fair had lovely long lashes and beautiful hair...."
  • Moosetafa. A poem that unveils the story of a male belly dancer.
  • Holly Jingle Belts. For a belly dance Christmas singalong!
  • Holly Belly Dancer's Twelve Days of Christmas. For a belly dance Christmas singalong!

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Belly Dancing Bellydancing Belly Dance Bellydance Belly Dancer Bauchtanzen Danse Du Ventre

Jokes & Stories

Shira Dressed For Halloween

ABOUT THE PHOTO: Shira shows off the costume she wore for a Halloween-themed performance in October, 2000. Photo by Dr. William M. Smith.

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Belly Dancing Bellydancing Belly Dance Bellydance Belly Dancer Bauchtanzen Danse Du Ventre

Opinion Polls, Puzzles, & Quizzes

Opinion Polls

For Students

For More Experienced Dancers

  • Collecting Tips. Different belly dancers have different opinions when it comes to collecting tips. What do you think?

For Everyone, Regardless of Dance Skill Level

Shira Watching Video

Video Related

Quizzes & Puzzles

  • Quiz. Are you as knowledgeable as you think you are regarding belly dancing, Middle Eastern culture, and music?

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Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

The Belly Dance Coloring Book

Outlines of belly dancing drawings. Go find your colored pencils or crayons, load up your printer with white paper, and unleash the artist in you!

Bella Wishes: From the Children's Book by Tessa May

These drawings come from the book Bella Wishes, by Tess Cacciatore. Copyright 2005, all rights reserved. The illustrations were drawn by Dave Rodriguez. It is a children's book that features a happy belly dancing hippopotamous. To learn more about the book, click here to read Shira's review.

Bella Dancing With Her Arms Up. This picture appears on the front cover of the book.
Shy Bella.
Bella High 5 Bella and Bo Doing a High 5. This picture features a new character introduced in the Bella television series.

Elegant Dancers: Drawings by Shira

These dancers capture the grace and beauty of the dance!

Dancer ThumbnailDancer Thumbnail
The Dancer. A classic belly dancer.

Dancer Thumbnail
Gypsy Fantasy (Simpler Version). No, this is not an authentic portrayal of a Gypsy--just a fantasy drawing. This is a simple version without too many fine details, suitable for crayons, younger children, and those who don't care for detail work.

Dancer Thumbnail
Gypsy Fantasy (More Complex Version). Same as the other Gypsy Fantasy drawing, only with a floral print added to her scarf, vest, and hip scarf for those who like detail work.

Dancer Thumbnail
Classtime. A belly dancer in a practice outfit, ready for class or workshop.

Dancer Thumbnail
Secrets Unveiled. A belly dancer posing in a backbend with her veil.

Floor Work. A belly dancer doing a graceful backbend as part of her floor work.

Double Veil. Captured in motion, this elegant dancer is using two veils at once.

Playful Dancers: Drawings by Shira and her Husband Bill

Here are a few mischievous cartoons for you to enjoy!

Mouse Thumbnail
Maleea, The Belly Dancing Mouse. She likes the folkloric look, a baladi dress with a hip scarf decorated with coins.

Camel Thumbnail
Carissa, The Dancing Camel. Costuming isn't easy for Carissa--there aren't very many vendors who make dance tops that fit over and around humps.

Camel Thumbnail
Kamella, The Dancing Camel. Kamella has solved the problem of getting costumes to fit her hump--she just leaves her midriff bare!

Sally, The Dancing Snail. Sally has learned that even a snail can be glamorous. Even her slimy trail glitters!

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Belly Dancing Belly Dance Belly Dancers

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Bellydancing Bellydance Bellydancers

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