Your Attitudes and Experiences with Safety As a Belly Dancer

Whether you're a student, teacher or professional, whether you're going to classes or performing, personal safety is something to consider. Some dancers are very aware of personal safety issues when going to classes or performances. Others really don't think about it at all. What's your own personal perspective and experience? Only one vote per visitor, please!

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1) What is your gender?
2) Is your own personal safety something you think about when you go to classes or performances?
Never think about it.
Keep it in mind, but don't dwell on it.
Consciously think about it frequently.
Very concerned about it, think about it a lot.
None of the above.
3) Have you ever taken classes in martial arts or self-defense?
Never have, no interest.
Never have, but have thought about doing it.
Never have, but planning to soon.
Did, but don't remember much.
Did a long time ago, and mostly remember the skills.
Did recently, and mostly remember the skills.
Did recently, have kept the skills sharp.
Doing currently.
None of the above.
4) Do you use the sex offender registry to monitor your risks?
It's not available in the state or country where I live.
I'm interested, but haven't checked it because I don't know how to.
It's available in my area but I've never checked it.
I've looked at it a couple of times, but don't have much interest in it.
I've checked it for my home or my kids' school, but never for dance-related places I go.
I've checked the studio where my classes are and/or restaurants where I dance.
I check everywhere I go for classes and gigs, including homes I go to for private parties.
None of the above.
5) Has anyone ever slipped you a roofie or a mickey while on a dance gig?
Has never happened and it never occurred to me to think about it.
Has never happened to me, but I take precautions to avoid it.
I knew/suspected a drink was spiked, so didn't drink it.
It happened to me but I either got to safety or had friends take care of me.
It happened to me, but I was not a victim of further crime.
It happened to me, and I was robbed.
It happened to me, and I was sexually assaulted.
None of the above.
6) Have you ever had a stalker in your dance life?
No, has never been a problem.
I've had a stalker in my non-dance life, but never specifically related to my dance activities.
I've had a groupie that was annoying, but I felt this person was harmless.
I've been harassed by someone obsessive that made me very nervous, but it never escalated into serious stalking.
I have had a stalker that made me feel seriously threatened.
None of the above.
7) Have you ever been attacked when going to class or performance (either in parking lot or inside)?
No, it has never been a problem.
No, but I have turned down gigs that sounded suspicious.
When going to gigs, I have only been harassed by drunks, nothing serious.
No, but I have felt uneasy around someone suspicious when going to classes or performances.
A serious attempt was made when I went to a class or performance, but I escaped unharmed.
I was a victim of a violent crime either at the scene of a dance class/performance or just outside.
I was a victim of a violent crime, but not connected to anything dance-related.
None of the above.

Poll reflects votes since October 14, 2006.

Thanks for submitting your own vote! Please come back and check periodically to see what the consensus is from everyone!

If you'd like some ideas/tips on precautions to consider, there's an article elsewhere on my web site called Precautions to Protect Your Personal Safety as a Belly Dancer that offers you a starting point.

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