Opinion Poll:
Prices for Belly Dance Videos?

Some belly dance videos are sold at affordable prices, while others seem exorbitantly high. Of course, many lie somewhere in the middle. Here's some information on the average prices charged for different types. There were 78 instructional belly dance videos, 25 videos with workout routines based on belly dancing, and 29 videos of performances included in this analysis:

  Instruction Fitness
Average video cover price $29.95 $16.48 $32.76
Average cost per minute of instruction, workout, and/or performance 53 cents 39 cents 67 cents

The above is how much sellers of belly dance videos are charging. But what are people willing to pay? Here's your chance to tell us what you think! Only one vote per visitor, please!

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Poll reflects votes since December 20, 2005

Thanks for submitting your own vote! Please come back and check periodically to see what the consensus is from everyone!

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