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This archive lists the awards won by my web site, Art Of Middle Eastern Dance. I'd like to thank each and every awards site webmaster who has chosen my site for their honor. I know it takes many, many hours of web surfing to examine possible candidates, and I appreciate the time spent evaluating my site.

Thank you, all award granters, for encouraging the growth of high-quality sites on the Internet.

For the most part, I have tried to link to each site who has offered me an award. Many of them feature archives of sites who have won their award in the past, and it's only fair to link back to them! If you find that I haven't linked to the home of one of the awards below, it's probably because the address I had for that site quit working and I no longer know how to reach them.

This page shows awards won in 2000. For awards won in other years, see:

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Awards Won In 1998

Dr. Webster's Web Site Of The Day

Dr. Webster's Web Site Of The Day. Featured February 9, 1998, 4.5

Awarded February 9, 1998

This was the first award my web site ever won. I'd very much like to thank Marc McDonald, also known as Dr. Webster, for providing such encouragement to my fledgling web site when it was only 6 months old.

This is the review that Dr. Webster published regarding my site:

Today's prescription has a topic that's specialized, but it's a fascinating topic: belly dancing. Belly dancing (or Middle Eastern Dance, as it's more properly known) has a colorful history and is know gaining in popularity throughout the world. Art Of Middle Eastern Dance will tell you everything you'd like to know about this dance that is now gaining favor with both women and men of all ages.

The site gives background on belly dancing, as well as tips and "how tos" for those who'd like to give it a whirl themselves. There's also lyrics to belly dance music and information about Middle Eastern culture.

Cool Central's Cool Site Of The Hour

Cool Central's Cool Site Of The Hour. Featured February 9, 1998, 3:00 am, 4.5

Awarded February 9, 1998, at 3:00 a.m.

This is what the e-mail I received from the staff at Cool Central said when they notified me that my site had won:

Congratulations! Your site will be the Cool Central Site of the Hour for the next hour.

Cool Central Site of the Hour is the first of its kind, and you are now one of the chosen few to participate in this historic event. Cool Central is devoted exclusively to the best sites the Web has to offer, and yours is definitely one of them.

Award Of Excellence From Hatshepsut's Temple

Temple Of Hatshepsut Award February 22, 1998, NR

Awarded February 22, 1998.

Tjia, webmistress of Hatshepsut's Temple, said this in the e-mail she sent me notifying me that she had chosen my site for her award:

I visited your site today and loved it. Here is my award of excellence for your site.

Thank you, Tjia! I especially loved receiving your award because its Egyptian theme seemed so appropriate for my web site!

AdZe's Cosmic Site Of The Night

Adze's Cosmic Site Of The Night, March 9, 1998, NR

Awarded March 9, 1998

AdZe's own astrology site is pretty cool in its own right!

Dilini's Dance Award

Dilini's Dance Award, March 30, 1998, NR

Awarded March 30, 1998

This is what Dilini said in her e-mail to me when she let me know I had won her award:

I am enclosing my Dance Award Award! Hope you like it! Your dance site is beautiful! Tastefully designed with a lot of information and here's an award to appreciate all your efforts! Great job! Being a dancer myself, I very much appreciated your site!

It was particularly nice to receive a dance-related award from a fellow dancer. Thank you, Dilini!

Nefertiti's Best Site Award

Nefertiti Best Site Award, April 25, 1998, NR

Awarded April 25, 1999

I was especially happy to receive this award because I think the award graphic is very beautiful. Besides, its Egyptian theme seemed so appropriate for my site!

This is what Nefertiti's staff said when they sent me the award:

Congratulations! You have really done a great work developing your site! You have been awarded Nefertiti's Best Site Award!

Ravi's Elite Web Site

Elite Site Award, May 20, 1998, NR

Awarded May 20, 1998

This is the e-mail I received from Ravi:

Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design. Your site has been chosen by me, Ravi, to be an "elite" site. Currently, the Elite Site Award does not have a database of winners, when there is one, you will be informed.

Recommended By The Britannica Internet Guide

Recommended by Britannica Internet Guide, May 22, 1998, NR

Awarded May 22, 1998

My site is one of the ones that the Britannica Internet Guide links to. Here is the announcement I received:

As you may already know, your Web site has been selected for inclusion in the Britannica Internet Guide (

That's really something to crow about, and we're pleased to provide you with an easy way to do it.

The Gar Green Site Award

GAR Award, June 2, 1998, NR

Awarded June 2, 1998

What I received from the GAR team:

Congratulations! You have been approved to become a part of GAR Network! Due to the extremely high quality of your website, you have won the GAR award. It is the decision of the GAR staff that your site does indeed stand above others in its graphic quality, site organization, and overall attractiveness. We gratefully appreciate the existence of such sites on the Net, and hope that through this award, the leaders will become more visible to the public.

Quatec Website Design Award

Quatec Web Site Design Award, June 2, 1998, NR

Awarded June 2, 1998

The e-mail I received from the staff at Quatec said:

We are pleased to announce that your submission for the Quatec Website Design Award has been approved. Your site was reviewed for originality, usefulness of information, graphic design, and was found to add an outstanding artistic flair, careful and concise design, and a wealth
of information. Your site only enhances the originality of our internet community. Job well done!

Athena's Works Of Wisdom Award

Athena's Works Of Wisdom, June 6, 1998, NR

Awarded June 6, 1998

When letting me know about my award, Laura said:

Congratulations! I have visited your site and think it is outstanding. I have the honor of presenting you with the Athena's Works of Wisdom Award.

100% Weird Award

MonsterVision 100% Weird Award, June 24, 1998, NR

Awarded June 24, 1998

This is what my e-mail from James said:

Congratulations! You've recently been chosen to receive our 100% Weird website award! Each week MonsterVision choses a favorite website of the week and you were recently chosen!

When I visited the site to see my name in lights, it was great fun to discover they had linked directly to my Fun and Frolic menu! It seemed quite appropriate! This was the site (now defunct) of the Monstervision television show on the TNT network.

Music Top 10% Sites

Music Top 10 %, August 7, 1998, NR

Awarded August 7, 1998

This is the announcement I received:


After being nominated and reviewed, your site has been selected to receive the Music TOP10 SITES AWARD which is granted only to selected sites, based on:

* outstanding graphics
* informative context
* technique implementation and
* HTML structure

Links2Go Key Resource

Links2Go, November 9, 1998, NR

Awarded November 9, 1998

This site provides a directory to the best sites on the web in a large range of topic areas.

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