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Awards Won By This Web Site

This archive lists the awards won by my web site, Art Of Middle Eastern Dance in 2000. I'd like to thank each and every awards site webmaster who has chosen my site for their honor. I know it takes many, many hours of web surfing to examine possible candidates, and I appreciate the time spent evaluating my site.

Thank you, all award granters, for encouraging the growth of high-quality sites on the Internet.

For the most part, I have tried to link to each site who has offered me an award. Many of them feature archives of sites who have won their award in the past, and it's only fair to link back to them! If you find that I haven't linked to the home of one of the awards below, it's probably because the address I had for that site quit working and I no longer know how to reach them.

This page shows awards won in 2000. For awards won in other years, see:

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Awards Won In 2000

International Association of Web Masters & Designers Golden Web Award

Golden Web Award, February, 2000

Awarded February 9, 2000

The e-mail notification I received said:

Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award.

Belly Dance Bellydance Belly Dancing Bellydancing Belly Dancers Bellydancers Bauchtanzen

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