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Regional Resources

In general, regional pages tend to focus on artists and events in a specific geographic area. They're particularly great if you're planning to live in or visit a certain area and you'd like to know what local belly dance resources are available to enjoy while you're there.


  • Meissoun's Site. Features dancers, events, and vendors in Switzerland.
  • Belly Dance Scotland. Classes, events, shopping.
  • Star Orientalsk Dans. Although a small amount of this site has been translated into German and English, the best material is available only in Norwegian. Includes online instructions and patterns for making many costume items, a photo gallery of Norwegian dancers, an events calendar for Norway, and more.
  • Star Wiggle. Belly dance events in the United Kingdom, with focus on Yorkshire and Lancashire area. Look under "About The Dance" in the top left corner for assorted articles.
  • Star Seven Veils: A UK Belly Dance Web Site. Lists teachers and performers in the UK. Also includes instructions on making costume bras and circle skirts.
  • Focus on Germany. The site is primarily in German, with part of its content translated to English.
  • Karen Pilkington. Includes a list of belly dance teachers in the United Kingdom.


  • Wendy. Lists dancers throughout South Africa.

Pacific Rim


  • Adarah. The site's primary purpose is to promote Adarah's activities, but it also includes information on Middle Eastern dance teachers, events, and restaurants in the Tokyo area.
  • Amira & Amani. Osaka, Japan.


United States


There were so many home pages dedicated to the California dance scene that I broke it out as a separate category. I'll do the same for other states in the future if I get enough sites for them to make it worthwhile.

Parts Of The U.S. Other Than California



Dance Organizations



Dance Publications

  • Chronicles. Published by Isis and the Star Dancers in the U.S.
  • Jareeda. Published by Mezdulene in Oregon in the U.S.
  • The Palace. Australian magazine published by Amera's Palace.
  • Root Magazine. This publication focuses on ethnic dance at large, not just belly dance but also samba, tango, flamenco, and others.
  • Zaghareet! Published in the U.S. by Sharina.





  • Orienta. Featuring Orienta, the dance festival in Frankfurt am Main.

Pacific Rim

United States

  • Bellyjam The web site for Lion Of Babylon, sponsor of the Bellyjam festival in Cincinnati, Ohio and the Voice Of Arabia radio program.
  • Desert Dance Festival. Everything you want to know about this annual event sponsored by Dunia in San Jose, California.
  • Golden Veil Productions. Sponsors a variety of Middle Eastern dance seminars and shows in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Hasani's Hafla. Schedule for the next hafla and instructions on how to sign up to dance.
  • Oasis Dance Camp. All the details on the family of dance camps: location, price, workshop instructors, how to register, etc.
  • Wiggles Of The West. Annual belly dancing competition sponsored by Two Old Bags in Reno, Nevada. Includes a comedy category! Also features vendors and workshops.



Directories of Dancers

These sites contain directories listing belly dance teachers and performers. Some also include vendors and musicians.

These directories are no longer being updated, but are included in case they help someone track down a long-lost friend:



Link-Focused Web Sites

If my own list of web links is not enough to satisfy your insatiable appetite for surfing sites on the Web relevant to belly dancing, then here are some sites whose primary focus is offering links to a large number of web pages on belly dancing!

  • Bellydance Links! Large number of links related to belly dancing, Middle Eastern names, and more. Also an article explaining that a belly dancer's sword is counted as a weapon under Texas law.
  • Lots of links on dance of all kinds, not just Middle Eastern dance.
  • Egypt Search. This is a search engine dedicated to sites that have something to do with Egypt.
  • Henry's Hotlist. It lists web sites related to all kinds of dance. This link goes straight to the Oriental Dance section.
  • Panta Rei. A large number of links, organized by category.
  • Sapphire Swan Dance Directory. This online directory features hotlinks to hundreds of sites about dance of all types, including about a dozen links for belly dancing.




The links in this category point to the web sites of other people whose web sites are not related to belly dancing, but they invited me to swap links with them. Will any of them appeal to you? I don't know, but if you'd like to do a little web surfing, maybe you'll find something you like!

  • Diet Riot! A weight loss program for people who want a healthy balanced diet they can live with long term.
  • Best Ballroom Shoes. Sells shoes for ballroom dance.



Copyright Notice

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