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  • Orienta Boutique. A place for belly dancers to purchase supplies in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Forbidden Fruits Bazaar. Sells hip scarves, tops, and skirts.
  • Kookie Kaftan. Lynne Chapman's business in Rugby, England. Sells costuming items and cushions.
  • Roz. Sells costumes and music. In North Yorkshire, England.



Pacific Rim






United States

  • Adira. New and previously adored costumes, gifts, supplies.
  • Aliah's Closet. Online catalog of belly dance attire and jewelry.
  • Asia Minor Imports. Sells costuming, music, and props.
  • Atéa's Magical Motion. Excellent instructional videos on beginning belly dance. Also cassette tapes for practice music.
  • Bab's Designs. Sells assorted belly dancing costumes, both sparkly and folkloric. Also includes several articles that Shelly (the owner of Bab's) wrote for the Canadian magazine, including recommendations for costume design for different body types, care and cleaning of costumes, suggestions for getting the most out of your costume budget, how to make a simple bra/belt skirt costume, and tips for a student costume.
  • Backbeat Press. Book publisher with a book related to belly dancing.
  • Baghdad Bazaar. Based in Norfolk, Virginia. Sells costumes.
  • Beaded Jewels. Sells beaded hand and foot jewelry, zill purses, gauntlets, necklaces, earrings, and cuffs.
  • Behind the Veil. Based in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Veils, hip scarves, other costume pieces.
  • Belly Dance Shop. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Costumes, hip scarves, veils, accessories. Includes suggestions for costume alterations.
  • Bellydance Treasures. Based in the Dallas, Texas area, sells costumes and other supplies.
  • Cleopatra's Closet. Based in the Washington, DC area. Sells costumes, jewelry, music, and videos.
  • Costume Goddess. Describes costuming book by Dina, the Costume Goddess.
  • Dance Doodahs. Sells feather boas, body glitters, fancy tights, wild and wacky wigs, novelty glasses and hats, loose Swarovski rhinestones, and other sparkles, frou-frou, and doodahs for dance costumes.
  • Danstuff. Sells hip scarves, finger cymbals and bags, dance shoes.
  • Delilah & Steve Flynn (Visionary Dance Productions). Featuring belly dance retreats, classes, instructional videos, and performance videos by Delilah, and dance music by her husband, Steven Flynn.
  • Desert Dancer Imports. Sells hip sashes, tassel belts, veils, music, videos, drums, custom costumes, and other items.
  • Designs By Janie. Costume items, videos, switch plate covers, music, body stockings.
  • Egyptian Jewelry. Jewelry made by a craftsman who incorporates ancient Egyptian items in a modern-made, precious metal setting. An example is making a ring with a gold band but an Ancient Egyptian scarab as the centerpiece.
  • El Coyote Enterprises. Hand-crafted finger cymbals, made by Sulyman El Coyote.
  • Emeralds. Sells hand-dyed clothing and dance costumes.
  • Fatima's Bazaar. Clothing, music, and accessories.
  • Folkwear Patterns. Look in the "Caravan" category for sewing patterns for several garments from the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Gypsy Kiss. Clothes, jewelry.
  • Halimeda's Oasis. Costuming for both Tribal and Oriental.
  • Hariiya's Headbands. Assorted costume items.
  • International Academy Of Middle Eastern Dance. Grants awards to top dance videos. Sponsors an annual awards show. Sells videos of performances at the awards show.
  • International Dance Discovery. Several books, including Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook and Looking For Little Egypt. Also videos, music, finger cymbals.
  • Kelly Hawes. Prints of paintings featuring dancers, all her own original artwork.
  • Kittie Sparkle. Sells skirts, pants, tribal-style belts, and silk veils.
  • Last Oasis Boutique. Sells costuming items.
  • Lindia's List. Sells used tribal-style costume pieces.
  • Madame X: Patterns. Instructions for making a circle skirt, pantaloons, and simple belt. Tips on how to hold up a body stocking. Sells patterns developed by Madame X and pre-made belt forms for larger-size dancers.
  • Magic City Costumes. Sells dresses, coin belts, jewelry, cholis, skirts, etc.
  • Meira, the Joyful Dancer. Sells postcards, CD, and a coloring book featuring her artwork.
  • Meleea's Bazaar. Meleea concentrates on designing and making affordable "starter costumes" for beginning dancers. Also costumes for larger women who have trouble finding costumes that fit from other sources.
  • WorldDance New York. Produces and sells belly dance performance, instruction, and fitness videos.
  • Oasis Dance Company. Sells jewelry, props, videos, music, costumes, musical instruments, perfume, ethnic clothing, and home decor items. Also features an event calendar.
  • Oddities. Sells antique jewelry that would be great for Tribal style.
  • Omar Faruk Tekbilek. This page features several excellent Turkish-flavor music CD's that are suitable for belly dancing.
  • Our Tribe. Sells rare antique jewelry and clothing from the Middle East and Central Asia. Even if you can't afford to add these items to your collection, go ahead and browse the online catalog because Ruby's descriptions will teach you a lot about ethnic clothing and jewelry.
  • Pink Gypsy. Costumes, videos, belly button brushes, and other treasures.
  • Sadiia's Silks & Supplies. Silk veils for dancing, by Sadiia.
  • Sara Cura. Belly dance supplies, henna, consignment items, and jewelry.
  • Sarah. Finished costume items, hip scarves, jewelry, finger cymbals, and music.
  • Saroyan Mastercrafts. Finger cymbals, T-shirts, costume coins, etc.
  • Scheherezade Imports. Sells wide variety of dance supplies, including costume items, music, videos, books, and more.
  • Shennteelaa. Sells costumes, swords, drums, finger cymbals.
  • Shimmering Colors. Chicago-based dealer for Eye Kandy makeup.
  • Silkdancer. Veils, sleeves, skirts, and pants.
  • Small Studio Custom Tribal Bellydance Raiment. Mitts and more.
  • Sulisha's Creations. Sells hip scarves, jewelry, coin belts, music, gift items imported from Egypt, and more.
  • Suzanna Del Vecchio. Sells performance and instructional videos. Sponsors belly dance retreats in Colorado.
  • Tatika's Treasures. Music, videos, and DVD's..
  • Topkapi Designs. Sells costumes imported from Turkey.
  • Treasures of the Sahara. Sells belly dance costumes, accessories, drums, practice wear, and more.
  • Sells costumes, accessories, music, videos.
  • Twisted Tassels. Sells tassel belts for American Tribal Style dancers.
  • Uniquewear. Sells belly dance costume items and other supplies such as swords, henna, jewelry, finger cymbals, etc.
  • World Dance New York. Produces and sells belly dance videos, including instructional videos, performance ones, and fitness workouts based on belly dance moves.



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