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Habibi Ya Nour el Ain
(My Darling, You are
the Glow in My Eyes)



This page contains a translation into English of the song lyrics for "Habibi Ya Nour El Ain". This immensely popular Arabic song was released by vocalist Amr Diab in 1996.

Amr Diab was born in Port Said, Egypt on October 11, 1961. Although his father worked for the Suez Canal Corporation, he possessed a fine singing voice of his own and encouraged young Amr to sing. The boy's talent showed itself at an early age. One evening when he was only 6 years old, Amr accompanied his father to a festival in Port Said. When they visited a local radio station, Amr was invited to sing the national anthem, "Baladi, Baladi". The governor of Port Said praised him and gave him a guitar as a prize.

Diab's musical talents extend beyond his singing - he also knows how to play oud and piano. Amr Diab graduated from the music program at the Cairo Academy of Art in 1986.

Amr Diab

His first album, Ya Tareeq, was released shortly afterward and proved to be an instant success. However, the spectacular hit song that brought him to worldwide fame was his release in 1996 of this song, "Habibi, Ya Nour el Ain." It garnered the title of Arabic Song of the Year, and with its Spanish fusion sound it defined a new genre of music known as "Mediterranean music."

Diab was one of the early artists to record music which later became known as al jeel, or "generation" music - the genre of pop music created for the under-25 generation of young Egyptians in the 1980's and 1990's.

According to Let's Go Egypt, Diab is the best-selling Arab recording artist of all time. He has received the World Music Award in the category of "Best-Selling Arab Artist" three times - in 1998, 2002, and 2007. In 2003, Amr Diab won two major awards in a poll done by Nile Variety TV. One was "Best Music Video" for the song, "Ana "A'ayesh," and the other was Best Singer.

Amr Diab has a daughter from his marriage to Sherine Reda (Mahmoud Reda's daughter), and three children from his later marriage to Zinah Ashour.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

Lyrics: Ahmed Shatta
Music: Nasser Al Mezdawy

Amr Diab



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Note Sung by Amr Diab
Note Sung by Brothers of the Baladi



Arabic Lyrics

English Lyrics

Habibi ya nour el-ain My darling, you are the glow in my eyes
Ya sakin khayali You live in my imagination.
A’ashek bakali sneen wala ghayrak bibali I adored you for years. No one else is in my mind
Habibi, Habibi, Habibi ya nour el-ain, aah My darling , my darling, my darling
glow in my eyes, aah
Habibi, Habibi, Habibi ya nour el-ain My darling, my darling, my darling glow in my eyes
Ya sakin khayali You live in my imagination
Agmal a’ouyoun filkone ana shouftaha ... The most beautiful eyes I ever saw in this universe.
Allah a’alake allah a’la sihraha God be with you ... what magic eyes.
A’oyonak maa’aya ... Your eyes are with me ...
A’oyonak kifaya ... Your eyes are enough ...
Tinawar layali They light the nights.
Habibi, Habibi, Habibi ya nour el-ain, aah My darling, my darling, my darling glow in my eye, aah
Habibi, Habibi, Habibi ya nour el-ain My darling, my darling, my darling glow in my eye
Ya sakin khayali You live in my imagination
Qalbak nadani wkal bithibini Your heart called me and told me you love me
Allah a’alake allah God be with you
Tamentini You reassured me.
Maa’ak elbidaya ... You have the beginning ...
W-koul el-hikaya ... And the entire story ...
Maa’ak l-il-nihaya I will be with you to the end of the story.
Habibi, Habibi, Habibi ya nour el-ain, Aah My darling, my darling, my darling glow in my eye, aah
Habibi, Habibi, Habibi ya nour el-ain, aah My darling, my darling, my darling glow in my eye, aah
Aah ... Habibi ... Habibi ... aah ah ... my darling ... my darling ... aah



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Very Best of Amr Diab


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Artist: Amr Diab
CD Title: Very Best of Amr Diab

Amr Diab Greatest Hits 1996-2003


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Artist: Amr Diab
CD Title: Greatest Hits 1996-2003



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Artist: Brothers of the Baladi
CD Title: Hope



Translations of
Amr Diab's Songs on This Site

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About the Translator

More than 100 song translations that appear on this web site, including this one, were created by Dr. Tahseen Alkoudsi. Together with his wife Kathe, Tahseen owned an import business in Lawrence, Kansas known as Cartouche.

Dr. Alkoudsi's imports business was his second career. His first career was in the service of the United Nations. Born in Damascus, Syria, he came to the U.S. for his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics, and worked in San Francisco. He joined the United Nations in Yemen, and worked in Saudi Arabia. He then joined the UNESCO Regonal Office for Arab States. He visited most of the Arab States in the course of his work, responsible for introducing computer sciences into educational facilities. For a time, he was stationed in Cairo, Egypt. He retired from that work in 1995.

Sadly, Tahseen died on Sunday, October 15, 2006. See this link for his obituary.

To me, Tahseen was so much more than a contributor to my web site. Even though we lived far apart, I saw Tahseen and Kathe several times over the years. I always appreciated their warmth and generosity. I first "met" Tahseen online back in 1997 on the med-dance list on the Internet, where he periodically posted messages. I knew he was in Lawrence, Kansas, so when a business trip arose requiring me to travel to the Kansas City area, I emailed him to say I'd be in the neighborhood. He and Kathe came to Kansas City for an evening get-together at Tasso's restaurant, and they invited several local dancers to join us. I saw them on follow-up visits to Kansas City. They vended at Rakkasah for several years, and it was always a pleasure to greet them there in the anteroom off to the left of the main stage. I also enjoyed encountering them in Egypt at the Ahlan wa Sahlan festival.

Tahseen will be missed by many.

Tahseen Alkoudsi




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