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Song Lyrics Translations from Arabic by Tahseen Alkoudsi


Tahseen Alkoudsi, the contributor of more than 100 Arabic song lyrics translations on this web site, died in October, 2006.

Through creating these many Arabic song translations for the belly dancing community, Tahseen has left us a legacy of caring, a legacy that will keep his memory alive.

As you use the translations on this page, please join me in honoring the memory of my friend Tahseen.

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Note A Nada (Oh, Nada) Sabah Yes Appears on some album covers as "A Nedda". Some U.S. folk dance clubs call this debke song Ya Abboud.
  A'Aleem Ilaah (God Knows) Simone Hadsheiti Yes  
Note Aba'ad (Far Away) Mohammed Abdu Yes Many people think the title of this song is "Leila Leila" because of its chorus. From the Khaleegy (Persian Gulf) region.
  Aba'ad wa Ansak (Go Away and I Will Forget You) Tamer Seif Yes  
Note Abo A'ali (Father of Ali) Gawaher Yes  
Note Ah Wa Noss (Ah and a Half) Nancy Ajram Yes  
  Ah Ya Zalem (O Oppressor) Gawaher Yes  
Note Ahl El Maghna (The Family of Singers) Fella Yes This song is sure to appeal to people who love horses!
Note Akhasmak, Ah (I Will Upset You) Nancy Ajram Yes  
Note Al Bab al-A'ali (Al Baki Alay) (Enter the High Gate) Katia Harb Yes  
  Ala Babi Waef Amarain (Two Moons Are Standing at My Door) Melhem Barakat Yes  
Note Alf Leyla wa Leyla (1001 Nights) Oum Kalthoum Yes  
Note Amarain (Two Moons) Amr Diab Yes This is an entirely different song from the one titled "Amarain" by Hassan el-Asmar.
  Amarain (Two Moons) Hassan el-Asmar Yes This is an entirely different song from the one titled "Amarain" by Amr Diab. This one is a wedding song.
Note Ammouna fi al-Said (Ammouna from the Said) Bassem Yazbeck Yes Light-hearted Saidi/rap fusion.
Note Ana 3indi Ahwai Morra (I Have Sour Arabian Coffee) Darine Hadchiti Yes  
Note Ana A'arfa (I Know) Warda Yes  
Note Ana A'Ayesh (I Am Alive) Amr Diab Yes This song reached the top of the Arabic song charts for several weeks starting in June, 2003.
Note Ana Baddi 3eish (I Want to Live) Nawal el-Zoughbi Yes  
  Ana Hina Ya Ibn il-Halal (I Am Here, O Legal Son) Sayed Mekawy Yes  
Note Ana Laka (I Am for You) Gawaher Yes  
  Ana Lamma Ib-Hibbak (When I Love You) Majida el-Roumi Yes  
  Ana Min Doonak Ana (I Am Without You, I Am) Karol Samaha Yes  
Note Arabiyon Ana (I Am an Arab) Yuri Mrakadi Yes  
Note Arraib Layyi (Get Close to Me) Wael Kfouri Yes  
Note Atshana (I am Thirsty) Nagwa Karam Yes  
Note Bahebak wa Baghar (I Love You and Get Jealous) Assi el-Hellani Yes  
  Bayinnina (It Is Clear to Us) Baha'a Sultan Yes  
Note Beni iw-Benak (Between You and Me) Hakim Yes  
Note Boussi Ba'a (Look Over Here) Sherine Yes  
Note Cleopatra (Cleopatra) Mohammed Abdel Wahab Yes  
Note Dalona (Dalona) Nawal al-Zoughbi Yes  
Note Doubti Doub (Barely Melted) Ehab Tawfiq Yes This song became a hot hit in the Middle East and Europe in early 1998.
Note Eddam El Kel (In Front of Everyone) Darine Hadchiti Yes  
Note Efred Masalan (Assume, For Example) Hakim Yes  
  El Bango (Marijana) Shabaan Abdel Riheem Yes  
Note El Hob El Ha'ee'ee (True Love) Mohammed Fouad Yes  
Note El Layali (The Nights) Nawal el-Zoughbi Yes  
Note Gawezohalo (Get Her Married to Him) Gawaher Yes  
Note Habena (Love Us) Farid al-Atrache Yes  
  Habib el-Rouh (Soul Lover) Claudia Shmaali Yes  
Note Habibi Dah (That's My Lover) Hisham Abbas Yes Sometimes the title for this song is shown as "Nari, Narain". The music video won the Egyptian Oscar for Best Video in 2002.
  Habibi, Hayaati (My Darling, My Life) Baha'a Hosni Yes  
  Inte Habib A'Youni (You Are the Lover of My Eyes) Maya Nasri And Hadi Khalil Yes  
Note Inte Omri (You Are My Life) Oum Kalthoum Yes  
Note Kalamangi (Talkative) Gawaher Yes  
Note Khalas (Liberated) Ehab Tawfiq Yes  
Note Khayyala (Fantasy) Pascale Machaalani Yes  
Note Kol Elli Lammouni (All Who Blamed Me) Zekra Yes  
  Koul el-Kalaam (All the Talk) Mayez el-Buyaa Yes  
Note Koulli Sana Wi-Inta Tayyeb Ya Habibi (Happy Birthday, O My Darling) Gawaher Yes  
  La Itkarraib Haddi (Do Not Get Close to Me!) Lara Dabbagh Yes  
Note La Titnahad (Do Not Sigh) Kazem Al Saher Yes  
Note Lamma B-Shoufak Qalbi Byouqaa' (When I See You, My Heart Falls Down) Pascale Machaalani Yes  
  Laou (If) Mohammed Fouad Yes  
  Laou Ma Dakhalt ib-Rassi (If You Had Not Entered My Head) Diana Haddad Yes  
  Lowlaaki (Without You) A'Ali Hamida Yes  
  Ma Bi3od Balaki (I Can Not Sit Without You) Ilyas Karam Yes From Lebanon.
  Ma Byilbaklak (It Does Not Fit You) Pascale Machaalani Yes  
Note Maani, Maani (Mine, Mine) Diana Haddad Yes  
Note Maghroora (Arrogant) Wael Kfoury Yes  
Note Me Alli We Oltelu (He Did Not Tell Me & I Did Not Tell Him) Farid al-Atrache Yes  
  Meen Habibi Ana (Who Is My Sweetheart?) Wael Kfoury Yes  
Note Mihtagalak (I Need You) Warda Yes This song made the top of the charts in Lebanon in 1998.
Note Nahna Wil Amar Jiraan (We and the Moon Are Neighbors) Fairuz Yes This Lebanese song was popular in the late 1950's.
Note Nassini el-Dunia (Let Me Forget the World) Ragheb Alama Yes  
Note Nawi Ta'Ateb (You Are Determined to Blame!) Amr Diab Yes  
  Nibtidi Mneen al-Hikaya? (Where Do We Begin Our Story?) Abdel Halim Hafez Yes  
Note Nour el Ain (Darling, You're the Glow in My Eyes) Amr Diab Yes Was Arabic Song of the Year in 1996
  Noura Noura (Noura Noura) Hamid El Shari Yes  
Note Oolooloo (Tell Him) Abdel Halim Hafez Yes  
Note Osad Ainy (In Front of My Eyes) Amr Diab Yes  
Note Ouyoun Aalbi (My Heart's Eyes) Najwa Karam Yes  
Note Rouh Rouhi (Soul of My Soul) Najwa Karam Yes This song topped the charts in the Middle East for several weeks in the summer of 1999.
  Sababeen el Shay (Pourer of Tea) Elaine Khalaf Yes  
Note Sa'ban 'Alay (It Is Hard On Me) Katia Harb Yes  
Note Sabri Aleel (I Have Run Out of Patience) Sherine Yes  
  Sahraani (You Fascinate Me) Ehab Tawfiq Yes  
  Samahtak (I Forgave You) Asala Nasri Yes This is an entirely different song from the one titled "Samahtak" by Pascale Machaalani.
  Samahtak (I Forgave You) Pascale Machaalani Yes This is an entirely different song from the one titled "Samahtak" by Asala Nasri.
Note Samara (Samara) Gawaher Yes  
  Sayyidi Elra-Ees (My Master, Mr. President) Majida el-Roumi Yes  
Note Shaater (Clever) Diana Haddad Yes  
  Shamandora (Dock Boy) Mohammed Mounir Yes Only the transliteration was done by Tahseen; the translation was done by someone else.
  Shi Ghareeb (Something Strange) Julia Boutros Yes  
Note Shoo Imkhabbair Ahlak A'anni (What Are You Telling Your Family About Me?) Katia Harb Yes  
Note Shoo Sarlake (What Has Happened to You?) Hadi Younes Yes  
Note Tahtil Shibbak (Under the Window) Fatme Serhan Yes Traditional Egyptian baladi song.
Note Talab Eiydi Min Ahli (We Became Engaged!) Pascale Machaalani Yes This song became a top hit in Lebanon in 1999.
Note Talakik (Looking for Excuses) Hakim Yes  
Note Tamally Maak (I Am With You) Amr Diab Yes  
Note Tool Omri (All My Life) Nawal al-Zoughbi Yes In July 2001, won the award for top Arabic song.
  Waili Min Zoulmake Liyya (Alas of Your Oppression) Walid Toufic Yes  
Note Wala A'ala Baloa (Not Even On His Mind) Amr Diab Yes  
Note Walhanaih (Fascinated) Najwa Karam Yes  
  Wana Maali? (Why Should I Care?) Warda Yes  
Note Ya Ameer El-Mohibbean (Oh, Lovers' Prince) Ahlam Yes  
  Ya Ej Maira (Oh Ej Maira) Nihad Najjar Yes  
  Ya Majnoun (Oh Madman) Asala Nasri Yes  
  Ya Salam (Salute) Nancy Ajram Yes  


Altogether, this web site has translations to over 200 Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Armenian, and Hebrew songs, translated by not only Tahseen but also by other contributors. Visit the Lyrics menu for the complete selection of all available translations.


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