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Personalities of Egyptian Stage and Screen History: Index to Resources





This page provides links to resources on that offer information about important figures in Egyptian history of stage and screen. These links include not only dancers, but also choreographers, musicians, nightclub owners, comedians, actors, and more.

The overwhelming majority of Egypt-related resources on this page were collected and translated by Priscilla Adum. The small number that were contributed by others are identified as such on the individual listing.

This index includes the following resources:

  • Advertisements for nightclub shows that list who the individual performers were.
  • Articles from magazines and newspapers that provided gossip, interviews, and personality profiles.
  • Transcripts from broadcast media that provided gossip, interviews, and personality profiles.

ABOUT THE PHOTO: This mural was on the wall of the beautiful historic Shahrazad nightclub on Alfi Bek Street in Cairo as of April 2019. Photo copyright 2019 by Shira, all rights reserved.



Index to Personalities Included

This list is alphabetized by the person's first name.

Note about names in the ads: Many of the ads use honoric titles for some of the artists such as Effendi, El Mousecar, and El Oustez. For purposes of this index, the honorifics are generally omitted.


























Abdel Aziz


Abdel Halim el-Kalawi

It's possible this actor could have been the same person referenced by surname only as "the famous actor El Qalaawi" in an ad for a show by the Rushdie Sisters in Asyut.


Abdel Latif Gamgoun


Abdel Nabi Mohamed


Abdel Rahman Rushdie


Abdel Wahab Karam


Abdou el-Mansi


Abdul Salam el-Naboulsi


Abou el-3la


Abou El Seoud El Ebiary


Adel Levy


Adina Glory


Afifa Eskander


Afranza Hanem

Afranza Hanem was a well-known Turkish dancer who relocated to Egypt in the 1920's in order to seek employment there. She was the first dancer Badia Masabni hired, in 1927. She acted in one movie, Al-Masah al-Hayat (The Tragedy of Life) directed by Wadad Orfi, which premiered in 1929.


Ahmed Abdallah


Ahmed Abdel Halim


Ahmed Abdel Kadir


Ahmed Bek Abou Shadi


Ahmed Bey


Ahmed el-Haddad


Ahmed el-Sebemi


Ahmed Farid


Ahmed Ramy


Ahmed Sabra

  • 1936 Advertisement for Houriya Mohamed Troupe. At the summer club Casino Monte Carlo in Alexandria, starting July 2, 1936. Identifies Ahmed Sabra as the music composer for the sketch The Modern Marriage.
  • 1939 Ad for Teatro Beba. Appeared October 4, 1939 in Al Ahram. Credits Ahmed Sabra as the music composer for the plays Al Andalous and The Absent Lover.


Ahmed Sherif


Ahmed Shoukry




Akila Rateb


Ali el-Kassar


Ali Farag



Amin Sadek


Amina Mohamed


Amina Noshi



This references Amira, a monologuist (stand-up comic) from Lebanon.


Anissa Moufeda Ahmed


Anissa el-Masreya


Antoine Issa

Antoine was Badia Masabni's nephew (the son of her sister), and he was married to her adopted daughter, Juliet Masabni. In 1937, when Badia was distracted by her efforts to launch a new career as a movie star, she delegated power of attorney to Antoine. He became involved with Beba Ezz el-Din as his mistress, and succumbed to Beba's wiles, selling Sala Badia to her.


Antoine Mefesto


Anui Muri


Assia Dagher


Atallah Mikhail




Aymen Bosry


Aziz Eid

As of 1932-1933, Aziz Eid was the artistic director and producer in the theater company of his wife, Fatma Rushdie. He was known as the Pioneer of Arab Theater, because he studied French theatrical techniques and then applied what he learned to Egyptian theater. He died in 1942 at age 58.



This ad mentions an "Aziza" without a surname. It is unclear whether she could be one of the same "Azizas" who was promoted elsewhere with a surname.


Aziza Hassan


Aziza Rayad


Badi Khairy

Other ways people sometimes transliterate his name have included Badea, Bade3, or Badeaa.



Because the ad doesn't mention a surname, it's unclear which Badia this might have been. Badia Fawzy and Badia Sadek were two entertainers who were active at this time, but it also possibly could have been someone else.


Badia Fawzy


Badia Masabni

Badia the Club Owner




Ads for Badia's Shows at Her Clubs


Badia Sadek


Bahega Hafez


Bahiya Amer


Bahiya Simeka


Bamba Kashar

Bamba Kashar was a well-known dancer who worked with the Awalim before the age of cinema.


Bayoumi el-Kirdisi


Beba Ezz El-Din

Beba Ezz el-Din was a Lebanese dancer who came to Cairo to work for Badia Masabni. In 1937, she enticed Badia's nephew, who had power of attorney on Badia's behalf, to give her Badia's nightclub. Later, she and Badia reconciled and she rejoined Badia's troupe at the Casino Opera. In 1950, she bought Casino Opera from Badia.

Articles and Interviews
In Advertisements


Beba Ibrahim

Beba Ibrahim was an Egyptian dancer who worked at Badia Masabni's club for a time.


Beshara Wakim






Blanche Hanem


Corps d'Or






Dawlath Soliman

Dawlath Soliman was an Egyptian-German dancer whose career primarily thrived in Germany.



Edward Fares






El Farid Haddad


El Qalaawi

The advertisement which mentioned El Qalaawi did not identify his first name. Although there two famous Egyptian actors with the surname el-Qalaawi (Mahmoud and Ehsan), both were born in the 1930's and therefore the timing would not have been right for either of them to be the El Qalaawi mentioned in this advertisement.

This ad might have been a reference to Abdel Halim el-Kalawi, who performed in some of Badia Masabni's shows in the 1930's.


Ensaf Mohamed

  • 1939 Ad for Teatro Beba. Appeared October 4, 1939 in Al Ahram. Promotes Ensaf Mohamed as a monologuist in the show.


Ensaf Mounir Ahmed


Ensaf Rushdie


Ezat el-Gahli


Fahmy Aman



Faizeh Rushdie




Fardous Shalaby


Farid al-Atrache


Farid el-Sunbati


Farid Ghosn


Faten Hamama



It is unclear which Fathya was intended by the ad, since a last name was not given, and there were several Fathya's who worked for Badia Masabni in the 1930's.


Fathya Ahmed

Fathya Ahmed was a popular Egyptian singer who was already established before Badia Masabni came to Cairo. She worked for Badia for a time, then later opened her own club.


Fathya el-Meligy


Fathya Fahmy


Fathya Fouad


Fathya Ismail


Fathya Mahmoud


Fathya Mohamed


Fathya Moustafa


Fathya Sherif

Fathya Sherif was married to actor Emad Hamdi.


Fatma Ali


Fatma Rushdie



Fawazi El Bahr





Fouad al-Gazayrley


Gamal Gomaa



Since the ad does not contain a surname, it's unclear whether this is the same person as Gamalat Hassan.


Gamalat Hassan


Gamil Azit






Gina Markisian

Note from Priscilla Adum: Gina appears in some of Badia Masabni's ads as just "Gina", and sometimes as "Gina Markisian". She was also a member of Isaac Dickson's dance troupe, and was billed as such in at least one film. Her name can also be sounded out from the Arabic as Jena or Jenna. Gina was an Armenian, born in Alexandria.

Gina played an important role in the 1950 film Asmar Gamil: a greedy gold digger named Amouna. There's also a scene in one of Samia Gamal's films where Gina plays the part of a French dance teacher in which she teaches Samia Gamal how to Lindy Hop.


Hagran Hanem


Hassan el-Meligy


Hassan Ibrahim


Hassan Rashid


Hassan Saleh


Hayat Mohamed


Hayim Abdel Aziz


Hekmet Fahmy


Hekmet Kamel






Hind Rostum


Hoda Shams el-Din

1940's Ad for New Show Featuring Badia Masabni's and Beba Ezz El-Din's Dance Company. Promotes "the beautiful dancer" Hoda Shams el-Din.


Hosni Ali el-Hosseiny


Houriya Abdou


Houriya Hassan


Houriya Mohamed


Houriya Moustafa


Hussein el-Meligy


Hussein Ibrahim


Hussein Saleh


Ibrahim 3aryian


Ibrahim Hamouda


Imtithal Fawzy


Isaac Dickson


Ismail Yassin












Kamel Ibrahim


Kameal Chamber


Karim Mahmoud


Karima Ahmed




Kawsar Farid




Khayria Sadki


Khristo Kladakis



Kuchuk Hanem





Layla el-3amrya

Layla el-3amrya was the adopted daughter of Badia Masabni. Also known as Layla el-Chakraa, the Blonde Layla, and Juliet Masabni. Sometimes spelled as Leila al-Amriya.


Layla Mourad




Loula Salem



Lys and Lyn Gamal


Mahfouz Azouz el-3ashi


Mahmoud Aakl



Mahmoud el-Menoufi


Mahmoud El Sherif


Mahmoud el-Touni


Mahmoud Fahmy Ibrahim


Mahmoud Kamel


Mahmoud Sadek Saif


Margaret Sagher


Mario Volpe





It is unclear whether the same "Mary" performed in each of these shows, or whether there were multiple dancers named Mary who were advertised without a surname.


Mary Ezz el-Din

Mary Ezz el-Din co-owned Casino Ezz el-Din with Youssef Ezz el-Din. It's unclear what their relationship (if any) was beyond that of business partners. She is not related to Beba Ezz el-Din — the surname is a common one in Lebanon. Mary was both a singer and an actress, as well as a business owner.


Mary George


Mary Mansour


Mary Queeny



Since the ad doesn't provide a surname, there's not enough information available to determine whether this might be the same person as one of the other Mimi's listed below. It might have been Mimi el-Saghiera, because Badia Masabni's show with 60 people took place just 2 weeks after Badia's show at the Alhambra, and both shows featured a "Mimi".


Mimi el-Gamila


Mimi el-Saghiera


Mimi Martins


Mimi Zaki


Mohamed 3awad


Mohamed Abdel Moutaleb


Mohamed Ali


Mohamed el-Dibs


Mohamed Eldrees


Mohamed el-Genady


Mohamed el-Khalawi


Mohamed el-Saghayer


Mohamed Fawzy


Mohamed Ga3far


Mohamed Ismail


Mohamed Kamel el-Masri


Mohamed Salama


Mohamed Suleiman


Mokhtar Osman


Moukhles Sabah el-Din


Mounira al-Mahdiya

Mounira al-Mahdiya was known as the "Star of the East" before that label was applied to Oum Kalthoum.


Mounira Mohamed


Mountaha el-Amrikaniya


Mouries Kaasary


Moussa Helmi


Mustafa Ga3far


Mustafa Ibrahim


Na3mat el-Meligy





Na3ema el-Masreya


Nabaweya el-Masreya


Nabaweya Moustafa


Nadia el-Aares


Nadia Salama




Naemet Mokhtar

Naemet Mokhtar performed dance scenes in several Egyptian movies in the 1950's.


Naguib el-Rehani

Naguib el-Rehani ran a theater company in Cairo in the early 20th century. He was Badia Masabni's husband.

  • 1949 Eini Betref. Translation for a song Naguib el-Rehani performed as a duet with Leila Murad in the movie Ghazal al-Banat.





Naima Akef





Nazira el-Turkiye





Noussa Ahmed


Oum Kalthoum


Puck and Chick




Ragaa Abdel Hamid


Ragaa Abdou


Ragaa Tawfik


Raqia Ibrahim


Ratiba Rushdie


Riyad el-Qasabgi






Rose el-Yousef


Safiya Helmi



Saleh Effendi Saudi




Salma Zaki



Samiha Baghdadi




Samira Mohamed


Samy el-Shawa


Saniya Sherif

1930s Advertisement for Fathya Ahmed's Summer Club in Alexandria. Mentions that Saniya Sherif was a member of the dance troupe.



All of these ads showed someone named "Sara" without a surname. It is unclear whether all referenced the same "Sara".


Sayed Fawzy


Sayed Mustafa

  • 1939 Ad for Teatro Beba. Appeared October 4, 1939 in Al Ahram. Credits Sayed Mustafa as the music composer for the plays Parcel Department and Love of Army.


Sayed Suleiman


Shafiqa Ahmed





Shoushou Ezz el-Din


Simon Alex



It's unclear whether the Soad mentioned without a surname in this ad is one of the same Soads that was mentioned with a surname in other ads.


Soad Abdo


Soad Ahmed


Soad Fahmy


Soad Mahasen


Soad Mekawy


Soad Osman


Soad Zaki







Soraya al-Turkiye

1930s Advertisement for Fathya Ahmed's Summer Club in Alexandria. Mentions that Soraya al-Turkiye is a member of the dance troupe.


Soraya Helmi


Taheya Carioca

Articles and Interviews
Mentioned in Advertisements




Tawheda Mohamed




Togo Mizrahi

1936 Newspaper Ad for Khafir el-Darak. The first movie in which Taheya Carioca danced raqs sharqi. Credits Togo Mizrahi as the director.


Victoria Mousa


William Basila






Youssef Ezz el-Din

Youssef Ezz el-Din co-owned Casino Ezz el-Din with Mary Ezz el-Din. It's unclear what their relationship was beyond that of buisness partners. He is not related to Beba Ezz el-Din — the surname is a common one in Lebanon.


Youssef Hassan


Youssef Wahbe


Zainab el-Sudaniya


Zaki Ezat


Zaki Ibrahim


Zaki Rostum






Zeinat Olwi


Zeinat Sedki


Zizi Sa3ed




Since the ads did not mention a surname, it is unclear whether this Zozo is the same person as one of the Zozo's mentioned below.


Zozo Ahmed


Zozo Labeb

Other ways to spell her name include Zouzou Labib or Zuzu Labib. Her biography on the El Cinema web site describes her as a singer and an actress.




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